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Unichem's decorative paints include a wide range of interior and exterior systems suitable across projects and markets.

Nova Emulsions encompass a choice of emulsions utilizing different technologies to meet the needs of a range of spaces and substrates. Nova emulsions are unmatched in durability and are designed to outlast commercial emulsions available on the market.

Ultima Enamels are lead-free alkyd enamels in a variety of sheens and colors. The Ultima family also includes high performance primers and undercoats which are necessary in providing the required protection and adhesion to the substrates.

Plastro A ready to use resurfacing putty filler intended for patching, repairing, and or resurfacing internal building surfaces.

Unichem's distinguished decorative product line-up is crowned by the unique high performance solutions from Zinsser USA. Watertite is its lifetime-guaranteed solution to water ingress problems. Permawhite is guaranteed to prevent the growth of mold and mildew on the paint film for five years. Bulls Eye 123 and B.I.N. Sealer Stain Killer are primers that allow the painting of any and all surfaces: ceramic, glass, aluminum, brass, copper and others.

Unichem Color Selector covers a spectrum of 2000 popular colors. Automatic tinting systems are employed to provide accurate and consistent reproduction of color in a matter of minutes. Tinting capabilities extend beyond Unichem's standard colors to include the major color standards: NCS, BS and RAL


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